Feb 5, 2009


So I get to work and they tell me that I have to drive some of the girls over to a fitting.
The fitting was for the FENDI fashion show so I couldnt complain! I love running errands like that. I missed half a day of work and I got to be surrounded by all these beautiful clothes!
The one day that I didnt have my camera... so I dont have any behind the scenes pictures... so dissapointing. I was actually approached by one of the women in charge because she thought that I was a model there waiting to try stuff on. I was caught off gard and unfortunately corrected her by saying "oh no, I just brought my models over..." HOW DUMB! I regret it. When I told everyone at the agency that they thought that I was there for the fitting they were like "WHAT?! why would you tell them otherwise...You could have been discovered!"

Our models in the show:
Melissa Molson
Alex Allen
Johanna Salmin

photo credits : www.Allpurposedark.blogspot.com

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