Jul 16, 2009

Miami Swim week

Its Miami Swim week, time to ooh and awe over girls that actually have curves and eat.

Last night I attended the Krelwear fashion show at Liv inside the Fountain Bleau. Honestly I think that they could have picked better models for the show, girls that maybe knew how to walk would have been great, but thats just me being picky. Over all I thought the show was really good. I enjoyed seeing the models rocking the neon swim wear and the glow in the dark bracelets. I have to admit it sounds a little crazy but it totally worked.

Tonight I plan on attending the Cosmopolitan Summer Splash fashion show at the Setai in Miami.

Im pretty sure its going to be even better than last nights event.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I actually went last night to the cosmo summer splash at the setai...I should´ve stayed home...the "2 hour complimentary cocktails and food" started before 9 or something because by 10pm they were charging; drinks were watery and it looked like they didnt have enough ice, the bartenders would charge more if you paid by cash (hoping they would get a double tip) ...it was extremely hot as there was no extra ventilation planned (fans or something!), the swimsuits were just plain, nothing out of the ordinary and the models where as good as the event (except for the one that opened)...really dissapointed.

Anonymous said...

I actually went to the show yesterday. I work for a 5 stars hotel on Brickell Ave. very hot spot right now, we hosted tons of events but always keeping high class standards. Yesterday the Setai even was a disaster. Long lines to get a drink "$25 vodka red bull" cuz their comp drinks and food were gone by I guess 915.. It was extremely hot. People were so rude at the bar "setai staff needs some public relations training.. I guess they arent used to big crowds" Parking was no valet parking at the hotel. On top of everything I was taken to the VIP room and they charged me $60 for 2 drinks..

Anonymous said...

The swim shows are the most over-rated bullshit fashion events along with any other fashion event in Florida. Most of the people who attend are hoping they are going to get laid at the end of the night by someone "important". Too bad no one important ever attends. Weak swimsuits they are not cheap but look like something you would buy at Walmart. And who the fuck thought that it would be fierce to have a weeks worth of events in 150 degree weather? Why is this even happening? Too fierce to hold the shows indoors. That's just too mediocre. And don't say that you are too picky and that's why you thought the models walking were unattractive. Say the truth. 99% of chicks walking for swim shows are fat and old. I saw more cellulite at the shows then I do everyday in the mirror - and I am OLD. The shows are low rent. The gift bags are pathetic. DEODORANT? Jesus Christ. The swim shows suck. Period.