Mar 8, 2010

Interview . Jessie Craig

Upon discovering the work of photographer jessie craig, I was immediately captivated and anxious to see more. When I first saw her images, I naturally fell in love with the mood and darkness that the pictures convey. Despite her dark side, she proves that she can shoot feminine and pretty without losing her style. Jessie explains that what inspires her the most are the models she cast for her shoots. "I need to feel something from them that I can bounce off of."

Perhaps Paris will tempt her again in the future, but for now this born and raised Canadian has her heart set on London. Other than the curiosity she has for New York, Jessie says that she couldn't see herself anywhere else right now.

The Interview with up and coming photographer, Jessie Craig.

What gets you pumped up for a shoot:
Listening to some music in the morning while making a strong cup of

Guiltiest pleasure:
Napping in the afternoon sun like a cat!

What has been your favorite shoot thus far in your career:
When I go through my work it's a real visual diary for me, because
each shoot is strongly attached to a time and place in my life. I'm
quite fond of the story I did with Anja Krvina (4th of July) because
it was such an enjoyable day. There's nothing better than when
everyone is laughing on set.

What's your obsession:
Watching good movies over and over.

What does sexy mean to you:
When someone lets you catch a glimpse into their private world yet
maintains an air of mystery.

Bad habit:
I have a sweet tooth.

Have you ever been star struck:
Normally I really couldn't care less about that stuff, but when I
was 18 or 19 I met Billy Corgan and I was tongue-tied because I
admire him creatively. I felt ridiculous standing there not saying

Have you ever been in love:
Yes I have.

Favorite photographer:
I can never decide.

If you could work with anyone in the industry, who would it be:
I'd want to collaborate with a young designer with a clear point of
view. Mark Fast is a fellow Canadian, so that would be fun!

Favorite supermodel:
Lee Miller.

Are you a tomboy:
Not really, but I'm not a delicate flower either!

If you could live anywhere, where would it be:
I wouldn't want to live anywhere, but London right now. Perhaps Paris
will tempt me back one day or I'll be curious about NYC.

Something everyone should know about you:
I have a blog I started a year ago that I update weekly,

Favorite Designers and why:
In my dream world if I could live in anyone's clothes every day it
would be Marc Jacobs and Alexander Wang, because both tend to merge
youthful wearability with interesting cuts and details. Plus Karl
Lagerfeld for Chanel on special occasions, which probably doesn't
need an explanation!

When did you start doing photography:
I began when I was about 15 years old as a change from painting
classes. Suburbia can be quite boring and I'm sure my parents were
happy that it kept me out of trouble.

Are you self taught:
I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography, but I don't think
I'll ever stop learning on my own.

How would you describe your style:
Comfortable with a dash of whatever my mood is that day.

What do you like about the fashion industry and what do you not like
about the industry:

I like the sense of community. I don't like how for many projects
there isn't the budget to pay everyone for their hard work.

Any advice for upcoming photographers:
Above all, trust your instinct...



Sarah said...
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Sarah said...

so i just went to her website and her work is AWESOME. all her shoots are so diverse.. the grungy ones are my favorites

plus she picked the only two photographers i know as her faves! i win! :P

Stefanie DP said...

Wow, her answers made me like her even more! "Napping in the afternoon sun like a cat." Good job on the questions, Kristin.

Natalia said...

Wow, thank you so much for this. IT was very helpful and inspiring.