May 14, 2010

Remember Now by Karl Lagerfeld.

Of coarse I loved the clothing and the opening scene was amazing, " Everyone calls me Coco. I'm mad for Chanel." As far as the film goes, I felt it was a little off and I didn't really like the acting. The story line was partially there, but pretty vacant. If the entire short film could have been condensed with just music over it I think that I would have liked it better. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I think that the trailer for the film was better than the actual film. Sorry Karl. I did enjoy seeing Freja and Abbey dance the night away. Abbey is so cute and I love what she is wearing when she runs into the reporter asking for her autograph. "She is insane. Totally insane." What do you guys think? You may Totally disagree. Overall it was great eye-candy.


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