Sep 18, 2012


I might be late discovering this little blogger, but its love at first sight!!!

"We play the characters we create. We were not normal girls walking from the island of Manhattan and into the sea. We didn’t just wear cocktail dresses to galas, or put on a set of false lashes for a night out… we were these characters all the time. We looked distinctly different from the other girls. We came from so many dreams weaved into one, so many experiences and lovers.
We were characters, sleeping and awake. Our hair is neon, so we don’t look like regular people. We don’t have Marc Jacobs’ name tattooed across our chest, but the clothes Marc made were inspired by us. The designers watched us wandering on the lower east side, yellow notebooks full and the pages stained from being too close to the ocean all summer.
Return to the wild, fall has woken you."

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