Dec 4, 2008


After all the stress and planing the MC2 in Fashion Photo exhbit turned out to be a success.

Despite running around and still having to work, I had an amazing time. It was very Glarmorous. It was really funny because when I got there they couldnt find my name on the list... and I was like BUT I MADE THE LIST! how crazy is that... haha They actually lost the list and Jean Luc had to come and get us. Thank God all of the models made it there and on time... I was in charge of having a car pick them up. I new everyone at this event, it was amazing! This industry is crazy. When you love it you just really LOVE IT!

See Naomi Campbell in person was unbelievable. She just has this radiance to her and she looks like such a powerful woman. I was standing right next to her and I have to say I was a little star struck. I still get excited about famous people. There are so many people I talk to who are like yeah I saw so and so who is famous and its like no big deal to them. I guess im still like a kid when it comes to that stuff. I just love meeting new people and the artist that i admire and look up too. Now im not going to lie and say that i have been a big fan of Naomi all my life, because really I havent. She is a wonderful model but she has never really been one of my most favorite models.

Naomi Campbell from skinny intern on Vimeo.


Anonymous said...

must have been exciting. i would have been star struck. believe me :)

Ektachrome 160T said...

That looks like an overcrowded mess! I'm glad you, Luke, and Sarah managed to have some fun despite (or because of) all the chaos.

TYRA! - LOL :)

Andrew said...

Good thing I left before it became a mess!! :-) I had to skip forward in the video because I wanted to know what happened - did you actually yell Tyra and get something thrown at you? :-D Glad you stayed out of trouble =)

Anonymous said...

Omg.. you saw Naomi. Luckly you! she's not one of my favorite models. But I would had been so exciting just to see her in person.