Dec 15, 2008

Today in the office there were lots of people coming and going. I always love it when there are plenty of people to meet and talk too. I met a model today who is with out a doubt drop dead gorgeous but in person she was not like most models. Although her pictures were amazing there was something about her that was very different ... With the hieght of only 5'6.. i was amazed that she was discovered as a model. Dont get me wrong because i think that she is amazing but it was definitely a change to see such a short model. Meeting her gave me a lot of hope... i have always been told that i am too short... well thats not going to stand in my way anymore. This girl gets a lot of work and has been living in paris and traveling back and forth to a lot of other countries.One of the bookers turned to me today and told me " see if she can be a model , then you can too..."


Andrew said...

Yay! You should have never let your height get in the way of at least trying :-)

Anonymous said...

The booker is right! If she can then you can too! Never give up your dream. I think you will make a good model, your pictures on myspace are very beautiful. I can't wait for you to take some new shots.