Jan 7, 2009

Melrose from America's Next Top Model

Yesterday while I was sitting at my desk working,MC2 got a phone call and I answered it.

It was a female on the phone calling to set up an appointment with us because she was seeking representation. I asked her what her name was and she said that her name was Melrose and that she was represented by MC2 in Tel Aviv... IMMEDIATELY I knew who she was, although no one else in the office new or cared I was slightly thrilled to be talking to America's Next Top Model runner up from cycle 7. Honestly I didnt even like her on the show nor do I even watch that show anymore but it was really exciting to be talking to someone who I watched on tv. I kept it short with her and told her to stop by. She came by today to meet with us. I asked her If she was represented with anyone and she said that she has an agency in London but she currently isn't signed with an agency. I showed her portfolio to everyone in the office and told them who she was and they really didnt like her look. Her portfolio was poor and she didnt dress well. she was wearing shorts an old tee shirt and chunky heels that were not flattering at all. I wasnt about to be the one to tell Miss Melrose that we werent interested so i prentended like i was really busy so that i didnt have to deal with it. I remember watching that season of ANTM and really wishing that I was in their shoes ... now I see that after the show the girls are not likely to go on and do much else... its just a show.


Ektachrome 160T said...

Wow - I'm surprised that nobody else recognized her, and I'm disappointed that she's not enjoying more success. Melrose wasn't the nicest contestant on America's Next Top Model, but she definitely wasn't the worst, either, and she was much more talented and consistent than the other models in that particular "cycle." She didn't win, but I'm sure she was was good for the show's ratings.

Despite calling itself "America's Next Top Model," the show hasn't produced a single "top model," American or otherwise. At least the only contestant I ever really cared about has managed find some success in Asia:


You can see one of her recent editorials here:


Andrew said...

Her blog is awesome - it has enough food pictures and food references to make me a fan :-)

Anonymous said...

I talk the people about blog on Melrose on realitytvgames.net, its where alot big ANTM fans are at.

And everyone was so disappointed that she would show up to a open call like that.

I wasn't a fan of hers on the show or after. I hated her personality, and how she act on the show.

I wasn't much of a fan of her look, She starting to look old, i think she needs to give up modeling.