Jan 26, 2009

My friend Ashley and I are going NYC!!
We booked our tickets and everything. Okay let me just say this, I have never ever been there and Im so excited. Im going to go see Sara Anne and see how she is doing and freeze my butt off in the cold. I already asked my boss and she says its fine. So i will be in New York feb 7th- 1oth if anyone wants to meet up or join me. Of Coarse I will take tons of skinny intern footage while im there and Im sure I have a couple of surprises coming my way.


Anonymous said...

kristinnnnn, i lost your email again.
i was going to email yyou, and ask you a few things haha. if you could email me itd be awesome.....again




Andrew said...

awesome!! congrats! have fun, it shouldn't be too cold (though you might be a cold wimp) :-) eat some pizza and although it might look a little scary, have a hot dog or something of a cart =)

Kevin Clancy said...

i live here now hit me up if you get a free night or going to some good after parties. SN is uncolkc