May 10, 2009

Jil Sander dress...

The Jil Sander dress… I love it, but I honestly can’t believe how many editorials I have seen it in lately. Why use something that everyone else is using. Could it be a lazy stylist or does everyone just really love this dress. I didn’t know it was that amazing. The first time I saw the dress was in the last Plastique Magazine but I also saw it in the new Self Service, Italian Vogue, I-D, and I saw it in two different editorials in the 101 issue of Numero! Am I the only one who has noticed this copy cat trend and lack of originality?

It’s kind of like when you see a photographer’s latest shoot, and you love it, and talk about it with your friends, but then- you see the photo shoot that inspired that photographer- and it happened 3 months ago! I guess this is just the nature of fashion; someone comes up with an original idea, then ten or so artist copy it and he or she passes it off as his or her own work.

            Maybe it’s not a bad thing; maybe it’s just a reflection of our culture, and trends. After all every photograph is different, because every photographer is different. We all see the world in a slightly different color, so even when we copy other things, we can’t help but to put our own spin on it.

           What do you think? When you see the same photographic style, or the same color scheme, or even the same dress in six different magazines, do you get angry, or inspired?

 Dress, $4,175, Jil Sander


dax said...

I think it's more of a coincidence than anything else. When u shoot an editorial for publication, u are shooting up to 5 - 6 months in advance. So it's pretty hard to shoot that dress... cuz u saw someone else shoot it. Unless for example, u see it in vogue italia in january and then in the may issue of a local smaller magazine... You see the same dress, then u know they copied. Reason being local magazines dont have such hard deadlines.

But if the magazines u saw are all withing the same 2 - 3 month period and are all bimonthly or even semi-anually then it would be really hard to blame any of the stylists.

As for photographers, well that happens ALL THE TIME... guys see stuff in magazines and then they try to copy the lighting and posses.. I know of a guy, who happens to be very good ( lives in NY now ) and he used to rip pages appart and try to get the same shot.. to the T... It happens...

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

If nobody else is doing it, it's just weird. If a few people in Paris are doing it, it's avant garde. If you see it on a blog, it's cutting edge. If you see it in an imported fashion magazine, it's cool. If you see it on TV, it's mainstream. If you see it at the mall, it's passe. If you see it on your mom, then you pretend you never liked it and you delete all of those pictures and hope that nobody notices. Then you wait five years for it to come back, but in a slightly different way, so you have to buy the new version all over again.

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