Mar 25, 2012

Sunday's at the Standard are like Heaven on Earth.

Last Sunday afternoon, I headed to the Standard in Miami for their infamous pool party, and as always, it was a blast! Once I arrived, I headed straight over to the bar, where I sipped on the most delicious cocktails, perfectly mixed with the one and only, Kanon Vodka. I chose to stick with the Standard Strawberry Tea, it was my favorite out of the three specialty drinks that were listed. What can I say, as the day went on the festivities got crazier! There was a mix of unicorn riding, good tunes, sexy swim suits, and I met some really kick ass people. PhotobucketPhotobucket

The Cobra Snake ( and a quick recap of Sunday’s dreamy madness.

PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket @riamichelle + @prettystellar Photobucket P.s. All that was missing was Holly, my partner in crime. Kisses!!! :)
xoxo!! Kristin O.

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GINNY SLIM said...

YAY!!!! back to your old tricks i see!!!
We want to collab, let's party.