Apr 4, 2012

#Lash Genius

Recently, I received a tube of Lash Genius, a brand new product from, Anastasia of Beverly Hills. I love the summer time and I live for pool party's, but I hate water proof mascara!! It's always so dry feeling and hard on my delicate little lashes and it's such a pain to scrub off at the end of the day. This being said, I have found the cure to my problem... Lash Genius! I've worn my Lash Genius twice now, and I am very satisfied with this product.

It's absolutely amazing. While still being able to wear my favorite mascara, I now have the option of water proofing my lashes almost instantly. Just brush a little Lash Genius onto you already applied mascara and magically your mascara is water proof! I know girls in Miami are going to fall in love with this product!


1 comment:

Ria Michelle said...

Very cool product. I'm gonna have to try this out.