Oct 30, 2012

Style Wars in Miami

What a great night in Miami for this little blogger. 
After an evening of dinner and drinks with the Chevy Spark team, I headed over to Riccochet Bar & Lounge for the Style Wars competition. Here, I met the wonderful, Erica Zohar, from Teeology. I cant wait to show off my new Teeology tees... the fabric is so soft and comfy.
The Style Wars competition was super fun and entertaining and I adore the bloggers that were chosen to battle it out for the win.

Try to spot me and my good friend, Kaity in the video above! Dont blink. ;)

Video from, Miami Style Mafia. Xo
Kristin-The Skinny Intern

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prettystellar said...

AHHH LUV U!!! so happy that you passed by!! I spotted you ever so quickly in that video ;) hehe <3