Nov 1, 2012

I fake it so real, I am beyond fake.

Hello rockstars! 
 Ok, I have a confession... I am super excited about the new Courtney Love collection, Never the Bride, that will soon debut on
"Was she asking for it..." YES! "Did she ask you nice?" - Asking For It

Growing up in a very unconventional family, where art and music were heavily encouraged, and report cards were tossed to the trash, I sort of always looked to rockstars and models as my role models. - It's okay, despite the chaotic upbringing, I think I turned out pretty decent. I was always drawn to the darker side, the bad girl side, and the bad girl in Courtney Love has always been a guilty pleasure of mine. 
Check out a sneak peak of the collection below as it appears in Contributor Magazine.

"When Twitter first started, I was mad at someone and I said something on Twitter and got in trouble for it. And then I kept doing it. I think we all agree I am not made for social media... I even get jittery when I go on the internet and I never Google myself. Talk about driving yourself crazy! "-Courtney in Contributor Magazine.
Kristin - The Skinny Intern

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