Sep 2, 2008

My Brother , who i recently got into the modeling industry, made a big mistake.

Republica Management in Miami is very interested in him and I sent the agency pictures and they immediately sent him a contract! I was so excited but my mom is weary of him being a fifteen year old and being consumed by the modeling world. I say he just needs to go for it! Its the chance of a lifetime and he needs to jump on it. He did make a mistake though... he cut his hair... Republica management really liked his long surfer hair because they said that it gave him an aristocratic look so when they found out that he had cut it they were very disapointed. Luckily for Jesse they still want him! Abercrombie is also very interested in him and he has a casting wednesday in miami for a shoot in Jamaica ... how crazy is that!
Here is a Before and After of Jesse.

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