Sep 29, 2008

Skinny Intern here!
Hey everyone i know its been a while. I have to say that not a lot has been going on otherwise you know i would fill you in on all the skinny! The agency has been really slow with fashion week finishing up in new york and everything ...we are just waiting for season to come.

I have to say this ... if you want to be a model please please please keep your hair looking nice. Thats my tip of the day for everyone. Agencys will rag on you so bad if your roots are bad or your hair is damaged. Honestly they will not let it go. We have been seeing a lot of photographers come in and out wanting to shoot our models but i have to say that usually i find way better photographers and the other agents agree.

I have a feeling that next week in the office is going to be pretty busy for me and everyone else. Im still trying to get the hang of it and i think that im doing a lot better. Sometimes you just have to dive right in. This weekend im doing a test and it should be a lot of fun.

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Andrew said...

good luck on your test! knock'em dead!