Sep 19, 2008

So, I really have to post these pictures from the fashion show, it was so much fun. I think that everyone will get a kick out of looking at them. I took video too, but I always take forever to upload videos. But anyway, this is just some behind the scenes pictures of Allison's Fashion show at Dolce. The show was exciting and I stayed backstage to help her and the other models change clothes. One of the models didnt show up, so I was almost in the show! The director of the show came over to me and was like "can you walk?!" and I of course said yes and she was like "okay your in the show." I got so nervous but I was totally going to do it. Unfortunately, I ended up not being in the show because the model that didnt show...had the clothes...

Here is how the night went.

Lots of goofing off back stage, followed by Champayne and dancing!
I love fashion shows.


Ektachrome 160T said...

Love the B&W picture - Chuck Taylors FTW :)

Andrew said...

Wow - crazy cool hair on Allison. =)

NEXTgrayson said...

allison how funn was that casting
good talking to you though
hopefully ill see you again at some point haha