Jan 14, 2009

The Agency

Does anyone remember the show called "The Agency".

If not let me take a moment to remind you. There used to be a reality show called "The Agency" and it came on VH1 and it was all about the modeling agency Wilhelmina. I thought that it was a really good show but it didnt last long. Basically you got to see the ends and outs of a modeling agency and what its like to be a part of it. On the show you got to see the bookers(who are always arguing with each other), models, new faces,scouting, and some photoshoots. Its worth watching.

But my reasoning for bringing all of this up is that there is a very popular character on that show that i now work with. His name... is PINK. On the show he is a booker for Wilhelmina NY but now he is a booker for MC2 Miami. Small world. Its really wierd to work with some one who i never thought that I would know considering I use to watch him on a TV show.


Ektachrome 160T said...

OMFG - PINK?!!! The Agency would've been SO boring without him.

Anonymous said...

Oh I remember him ,and Becky too. I think that was her name.

Wow... small world huh?

So how is it like having him with Mc2 now?