Dec 21, 2009


Karl Lagerfeld’s Vol de Jour: a short film
I love that every scene in the film could be stopped and used as photograph. Everything is going video now. You can shoot video and still have the choice of turning it into an editorial. Its catching on fast and I like it. Of coarse we all know how  much I love to shoot video so I'm very excited to see this happening and maybe a little bias. Remember the Calvin Klein ad's that Steven Meisel did, same concept. 

Okay okay, back to the Karl Lagerfeld short film. Staring the notorious Lara Stone (favorite model) and sidekick Baptiste Giabiconi, the two put a new meaning to the song " you can have whatever you like..." Love the boots he is wearing during the clip of 2:09. Too bad they didnt  keep the Chanel bike through out the entire film. 
Oh beautiful people leading beautiful lives... 


Anonymous said...

Hey K,

I'm very interested of the idea of shooting video and then making a print editorial from it. Do have links to editorials that have been shot this way? I was under the understanding that even at 1080p one would only have a 1920x1200 (2MP) file to work from. Which is fine, I'm starting to shoot stuff with my iPhone camera! Others may scoff, but I feel this is the future! Your thoughts?

Unknown said...