Dec 7, 2009

Lilo . cover of muse?!

Does it make sense to have Lilo on the cover of the new MUSE magazine? How can we go from having it be all about Natasha Poly, who is absolutely amazing, and then have the next issue be Lindsay Lohan... Give her a story in there, I don't care but not eighteen pages plus the cover. I may be coming off a  bit harsh and I really don't mean to because I actually really like Lilo, but I'm not a big fan of having Celebrities grace the covers of our fashion magazines.

"If her Twitter is accurate, Lohan should also appear in the next issue of Purple with her sister, shot by Terry Richardson. From her Hedi Slimane shoot to her Ungaro appointment, she pretty quickly solidified her position as the fashion industry's most famous muse, no pun intended (for once). How did they become the only ones who would so willingly hire her? Perhaps there is no better place for an iconic party girl."- NY MAG


Nick Leonard said...

I am in love with the photos so far, not gonna lie! I just don't care for the fire effect on the cover so much, but I may pay the $ for this issue..

dax said...

Like yourself, I do not like celebrities in magazine covers, but celebrities sell magazines and models do not do as much anymore. So my guess, is a way to sell more mags? Bleh!

As for lilo... I used to like her back 3 yrs ago or before she went into all that craziness...