Dec 3, 2012

Date of Birth: Actual___ Appearance___

Since I've been up in NYC, I feel as if I've aged 10 years, and I fear that I may look like I have, too.  The cold weather, polution, and lack of humidity are all sucking the life out of my skin.  If you know me, you're well aware how neurotic I am about my appearance.  I work in the fashion industry---I really have no choice.  

When I noticed the fine lines on my face and neck becoming more noticeable, I'm not gonna' lie, I freaked out a bit.  It didn't matter how much illuminator I put around my eyes or highlighter on my cheekbones, makeup cannot conceal bad skin.  I needed help, so I reached out to one of my favorite luxury skincare brands, Valmont.  Delicately scented with natural essence of Bulgarian Rose, Valmont has the most advanced performance skincare products available.  They were kind enough to send me Polyfactor Repair Serum Factor III+ (Lines and Wrinkles Fundamental Serum), Firming Lifting Corrector Factor II (Firming and Lifting Cream), and Firming Lifting Corrector Eye Factor II (Lifting and Firming Eye Cream).  These products are from their newest line.  Many people are not familiar with serums.  Serums are our best friends and an essential step in complete skincare.  They allow additional nutrients to penetrate deeper layers of the skin that a regular moisturizer is not able to reach.  A few drops of the serum is applied over the face and neck followed by the firming and lifting cream focusing on the nasolabial folds (laugh lines)  and around the jawline.  Lastly, the eye cream is gently applied from the outer to inner corners of the eyes, avoiding getting too close to the lash line.

I have now been using the skincare for a little over three weeks, and the difference in my skin is night and day.  My face has it's healthy glow back.  I noticed the biggest difference in my eye area.  My makeup no longer settles in my fine lines which makes me not only look younger, but I don't have to keep checking my eye concealer in the mirror to see if it's creasing.  Valmont is on the more expensive side of skincare, but I assure you that it's well worth it.  Valmont skincare has allowed me to fudge on my age for a makeover show on MTV that I recently applied for.  (If I'm selected, I'll be doing hair and makeup on camera.)  One of the requirements is that you are under 30 years of age.  (I'm 31 and a 1/2. Shhh...)  As long as they don't ask to see my Driver's License before they pick me, I'm confident that I'll be good to go.  Thank you Valmont for making this possible.  :)

Holly Gowers - The Skinny Intern-- Beauty blogger. 
Valmont is sold at selective spa institutes and spas in 4 and 5 star hotels.  You may also purchase products at

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