Dec 14, 2012

New City, New Products _ Holly Gowers

My latest discovery...ORIBE, the luxury haircare for the hair  obsessed. 
The name alone speaks for itself amongst those who have ever used or heard about the line.  I've now been using Oribe on set and on my private clients for the past month, and I don't know how I've ever worked without it.  The packaging is beautiful, the scent is intoxicating, and the performance is impeccable. 

My top picks, and how I prefer to use them:
Dry Texturizing Spray:  Adds texture and light hold to the hair.  Effects similar to dry shampoo.  Spray ~8 inches away at the roots of dry hair.
Soft Lacquer Heat Styling Spray:  Medium hold that's great for curling, adding waves, or smoothing hair.  If curling or adding waves, spray on dry, sectioned hair before styling.  Adds a beautiful shine to the hair. 
Apres Beach Wave and Shine Spray:  Adds texture and light hold to dry or wet hair for the perfect beachy look.  I love to use this on dry hair before I add waves to the hair.  After I spray on a nice amount all over, I dry the hair with a blow dryer before I section the hair and curl it.  Since this product already has a slight hold to it, you may not need to use any hair spray before you curl the hair.  It's also great if you're transforming polished wavy/curly hair to more relaxed/lived-in hair.  Spray all over and finger dry the hair with a blow dryer to break up the curls.  
Foundation Mist:  I loved using this product to refresh hair during a long shoot.  Lightly mist all over hair to reset.  Let air dry.  I found this spray especially helpful when I had to transform a model's hair from big and voluminous to tame, wavy hair with no flyaways. 

Sculpting Cream: Great for wet or dry hair.  Gives the hair light/medium hold and adds texture.  This product is perfect for shaping short hair.  I use this on myself every time I style my hair.  It smooths the hair shaft, creates texture and depth, and adds a beautiful shine.  Once it's applied and the hair is dry, it's very easy to finger-tousle the hair for a cool, relaxed look. 
Shampoo and Masque for Beautiful Color:  Protects your color from fading and your hair from harmful UV rays.  Paraben and sodium chloride-free.  Safe for keratin treated hair.  Leave the masque on for ~15-30 minutes.

Supershine Moisturizing Cream:  *my ultimate favorite* 
A light-reflecting cream that moisturizes dry, damaged hair.  It will make your hair manageable and baby soft no matter how much abuse you put it through.  :)

Holly Gowers - The Skinny Intern-- Beauty blogger. 

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