Aug 7, 2008

an embarrassing day....

so i had a casting today. i walk in and like always there is a sign in sheet. i walked up to it, lifted up the sheets previously filled out, grabbed a pen, and started writing. slowly but surely with my hands full i smelt fire. i looked up and i had just set the casting sign in sheets on fire. turns out there was a candle right behind the clipboard and i came a little too close. needless to say the all the rooms started smelling like smoke so i slowly and smoothly walked away trying to remain un-noticed and did. people then started saying 'do you smell fire?' 'is something on fire?' i simply replied with a shrug of the shoulders. a man then showed the evidence to the main lady in charge and she couldn't believe that happened. i am pretty sure she thought and knew that i had did it. how embarrassing... i think very!!!

then i go to hand in my card and introduce myself and get my picture taken. when i was finished the lady came up to me and was like your new right? so i replied yes somewhat.... she commented on the fact that i basically was wearing the totally wrong thing and should for future reference fix myself up more. DEFINITELY needless to say i don't think i booked that job.

i have felt that i am different from the other models who are at the castings. it is very intimidating at times. i wonder with things like this if i can ever really act and look like a real model, one that people can look at and know that i am one or at least not totally look out of place. idk just something i sometimes think about..... i still love it though :)


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