Aug 7, 2008

okay so i absolutely love love love what kristin did to this blog. it looks and is so amazing. anyways, hi im allison :) im the girl that kristin talks about. since we started this big adventure into the fashion and modeling industry kristin has seriously been a life saver! she is always there for me to calm me down or hype me up when i need it. Dont let kristin fool you...she is a model just an independent one. when she is photographed the pictures always come out amazing! i just recently went on a photoshoot with her and she rocked it for real. were just trying to get through this tough industry and experience as much as possible. i am loving being a model. castings photo shoots and runway shows what could be bad about that? i am having so much fun and can wait to get more and more into it. kristin is always there for me and we are bestest friends. so glad i am doing this with her :)

til next time,

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