Aug 24, 2008

Im having sushi with ashley , the other intern from MC2 models.
She did her full internship with MC2 and i feel like maybe i missed out on something good by leaving early. She even said that she is thinking about going back and i kind of want to know her inside scoop, so i invited her out with me to have sushi so we can talk about what all she got to do at the agency after i had left. Also i talked to Elite modeling agency again and they are going to keep me in mind for an internship this fall!

This is what i really want to do... be in this industry full heart and soul, whether it be behind the scenes or a model. I really want to work my way up to be a full time scout. i know that i can spot talent!

Jesse James( my brother) is being considered for Abercrombie Kids


NEXTgrayson said...

This blog is so cool!

Im a male model with Next Model Management, and everything youve said is soooooo true! haha.
Ill prob deff see you around at the castings...
im only 17 though
write back


Skinnyintern said...

thanks so much!
How is NEXT? I've havent really checked them out yet but i know they are pretty cool. Maybe i could go intern for them.

and yes maybe allison and I will see you around!

grayson said...

Next is absolutly amazing in miami.
They are sooooo high energy and just cool people. I love them. They keep like 4 dogs in the office at all times. Last year i met with all the agencies around town, elite, ford, mc2, ect. and i loved next. You should check em out, i know a couple bookers pretty well, i could ask about and intern or somthing...

grayson said...

btw, gsurf1029 is also me, ill be posting from this account now though.

Skinnyintern said...

whats your myspace please .