Aug 13, 2008

i guess its time for a new look?

i love modeling dont get me wrong but one thing that i have been scared of is changing my look. my agency told me i have to cut my hair :( they said i have to get long bangs right below my eyes and more longer layers. thank god i do not have to cut the length at all because i like my long hair :) hopefully my new look will be hot. i mean i had bangs when i was little and it looked cute :)

i have a feeling it wont b the same though haha. they know what they are doing though so i trust them. the haircut will probably take place around the 20th. wish me luck...

i also have to get a tan but that is no problem at all, i love the pool and tanning.

overall, even though im a little scared, i'm excited about my new look and cant wait to b beautified ;)

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