Oct 21, 2008

Be careful what you wish for. =D

Friday I was at work and I was so bored. It was my first time working on a friday and it was just dragging. Im so use to three day weekends so it was hard to hang in there.

So I was at lunch on the phone with Allison and I was telling her that I hope that something really fun happens after lunch because I was going crazy...I didnt know how i was going to make it through the rest of my day with out falling asleep or something.
Anyways I went back to work after lunch and settled in at my desk. This model from Estonia came in and she was not having a good day because she had just flown in and all of her luggage was lost! She had nothing. So my job for the rest of the day was to take her shopping around Miami. I felt so relieved to get out of the office and I couldn't believe that my job consisted of taking a model Shopping! She was so cute with her little estonia accent. We talked about how long she had been modeling for ( only a year and she has been to Italy, Finland, Paris, and now America) and we compared the likes and differences of our countrys. It was very cool to hang out with someone from such a different culture and thats another thing that i like about my job.
So I took her up and down lincoln road so that she could shop and I also got to see the model apartments. Our model apartments are sweeeet!

By the time we got done shopping it was six o'clock. I had to run (litterally) back to the agency so that I could get my things before being locked out. Once I got there they were still waiting for me (so nice) thank God because I don't know what I would do if I had to leave my computer at the office for the entire weekend. I dont think that I could survive(haha)

So yeah, I spent half the day being bored and the rest of the day getting paid to have a blast!
I never know with this life.

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