Oct 9, 2008

freaking amazing...

hey guys sry its been so long since my last post :( so basically kristin mentioned everything about the richie rich fashion show but it was so freaking awesome that i have to reiterate some parts because of how freaking awesome they were!!!!!! ok we got there, i waited to get my makeup done. there were about 15 MAC employees standing in front of all this MAC make up laid out on like 6 tables. needless to say i wanted all of it :) ne ways the models were sitting in directors chairs as they got their makeup done. the set up was pretty cool. well after a little bit i got my makeup done which took a while but it was worth it. it looked amazing! and i know i say that a lot but i seriously mean AMAZING! hot pink lips, flawless face, and black and shiny white eye makeup. so pretty! then it was time for hair. which btw the lady who did my hair said that i was her favorite of the night. :) also kristin could have definitely gotten her hair and makeup done because everyone thought she was a model ne wayz.... that would have been cool. then the rain came :( it poured literally. but that didn't ruin our night nothing would have... about this time the bottles started poppin....hypnotic and champagne all night baby haha. we hung out for a while then kristin had to leave me which stunk :( but not for too long though b cuz they had us get in our first outfits soon. it was crazy backstage like kristin said a whole new experience and atmosphere. the clothes were electrifying, exuberant, and freaking fantastic! the accessories, the shoes...everything was!!!!! the show so fun! it is such an amazing feeling when your out on the runway. its like everyone is looking you and you know it but you cant see any faces. just dark all around you with a million flashes going off. plus a huge rush of intensity, excitement, nervousness, and question. you dont really know if your doing horrible or working it...its crazy haha. oh and a word of advice. runway floors most of the time suck. they are slippery. ne ways it was so fun and im so glad i have an amazing friend like kristin to come with me!! btw she is the best duh! 

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