Oct 3, 2008


okay basically i have three shoots lined up for this weekend. So be prepared to see some pretty amazing shots from some newly found photographers. So far I have learned that every photographer is different and they dont always like what the last photographer may have liked... which is totally cool because this helps me Switch it up and try new things!

I just want to say this... photographers... you really got it hard. Even if someone likes your work doesn't mean they are going to pay you. I have definently witness this first hand being in the office. Amazing photographers will come in and ask to shoot and then the agents have them do tests so that they can see how they are... well two test turns into four ... which turns into like twelve or something! You really have to watch out because agencys try to get as many free pictures out of you as they can.

And yes thats in all caps because I dont know how else to express how amazing and exciting its going to be.
Are you still wondering what the hell im talking about???

okay short version. Allison is going to be in the Richie Rich Fashion show tomorrow night.

Longer version: So yesterday I was at the office working and I had to call the booker for the Heatherette fashion show and tell him that one of our models canceled because she had a family emergency. I really didnt want to do this but ... its part of the job.
So i called the guy up and told him what happened and he was so dissapointed. So just then I looked over to the wall of models and I
saw Allison's comp card and what happened next was unbelieavable... I just started talking like a pro! I was like "Yes well i do have this one girl who is available and she is the same size as the other model and is so outrageous her name is Allison zinn, would you like me to send you pictures of her because i think that she would be perfect!~"
.... he replied "....yes, send pictures of her over"

SO i sent him pictures of Allison and he loved her . So shes in the show! And she totally met Richie Rich today during the fitting. How amazing is that?!!


Kristin Ondocsin

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