Oct 23, 2008

Congrats! ... to ME :D

Its like im finally official. Today I got my own computer and my own desk area.

It was great to finally feel like i belonged there. So i spent the day nesting and setting up everything. Also... my agency recently invested in purchasing Nylon magazine... which is a magazine that I love... but they looked at it and hated it. I didnt understand! I was like "WHAT?! I love that magazine" They said to me " thats because your rock and roll, your just too rock and roll"

What? is that a bad thing? because im taking that as one hell of a compliment!



DREW-LOSKI said...

I Honestly love Nylon and Nylon Guys i have a supcription to Nylon though because women are more edgyier than men are so that were i get alot of my inspiration from. But NYlon isn't a High End magazine it's more of a edgy magazine alot of the people featured rock VINTAGE Clothing, or have a look that's not Mainstream. If you compared Nylon to the Likes of Vogue, Vanity Fair, And "W" its way diffrent not in a bad way...Just Diffrent.In a sense other fashion magazines have a elegance! That's they said "Your Just too rock and Roll" they were just saying you have "EDGY" Taste=] p.s. go check out greeneggssnham.blogspot.com

Andrew said...

Different strokes for different folks. :-)

I know you like the rocker chic(k) look.

Andrew said...

Oh, and congratulations on finally getting your own space!!!!

Mon Chér said...

Love your blog! <3