Nov 21, 2008

so living in the model apartments... is it really that great?

I was talking with one our models today and she was telling me she has been surprised by an unexpected model being in her model apartment on more than one occasion. She said today that when she left her apartment she remembered turning the light off to her bathroom... when she got back from shopping she noticed that the bathroom light was on. She went into the bathroom and there was a random girl standing in there doing her hair! The random new comer introduced herself and explained to the model currently living there that she was her new room mate. We constantly have girls coming in and out of town so this happens a lot. Imagine living some where and not having any control over who is going to be your room mate. Never knowing when someone would just come through the front door with their suit cases. Imagine not being able to understand the person you live with because of a language barrier...

By the way , models have the heaviest and biggest suit cases i have ever seen! :P


Andrew said...

Yes, having beautiful girls randomly showing up in my apartment is a big problem.


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