Nov 9, 2008

Test TEst TeST

Thats really what models should be doing if there isn't any work, unless the model already has a strong portfolio. Sometimes a new photo in a model's book equals a job with a client. You can tell when a model hasn't updated his/her portfolio in a while. Also the more tests the model does, the more practice he or she gets.

Sara Anne is a Model we signed a couple of months ago and she has taken it into her own hands to meet with photographers about doing Test shoots. This is really great because she is getting a lot of practice and a lot of great new images for her portfolio. She is definently a go getter! By her doing all of these photoshoots she is also networking and making connections , not only for herself but also for the agency. A normal week for Sara anne does not consist of laying on the beach waiting for a phone call from her booker, it actually consist of her doing as many shoots as she can. She is always shooting! She has had a shoot almost every day for the past two weeks.

Skinny Intern: "What would you say is your favorite thing about modeling and doing test?"
Sara Anne: "Everyone is relaxed. Everyone WANTS to be there and the focus is on obtaining a beautiful image that everyone is proud of."


Andrew said...

She's gotten some excellent pictures from all the tests she's done. =) Good thing she didn't test with me! Mine would have stood out like a sore thumb :-)

Ektachrome 160T said...

Yeah, Sarah Anne rocks.