Nov 18, 2008

So... I went to a modeling convention. It was weird. Especially when I saw an agent there that I remember from seven years ago. Yes he was one of the agents at the model search i went to when i was younger. Honestly its really weird that I'm now a modeling agent. I always thought it would be cool to be one but never knew how to get to this point and some how it just happened. right place at the right time.

Its kind of sad being at the convention though because everyone has such high hopes and dreams of being a super star and a model but for majority of them its just not going to happen. You see girls cry and get all nervous... you see some people that get call backs from every agency. Its an interesting experience.

Im going to Destin, Florida for another model scout convention. I will be all on my own representing MC2. Im actually really excited about it though because I get to get away for the weekend and I get to take Allison of coarse. We are going to have a suite at a really nice hotel and Destin is a really nice place.

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Andrew said...

Wah - Destin is practically in Alabama... on the bright side, it's right below Niceville. :-D

Are you driving or flying? Road trip!