Nov 19, 2008

Victoria Secret fashion show 2008 Fountain Bleu
I tried i really did. I mean I put forth my best skinny intern skills and could not get into the victoria secret fashion at all... I was so close so many times! So many people I knew had tickets and back stage passes and they ended up not even using them! I cant believe that. Any time anyone would mention the show I was all ears. I wanted to go so bad. I at least wanted to go to the after party.

So many celebs were here in miami. Paris hilton/P didddy/Mariah Carey etc.

ugh i really missed out. I guess I can just watch it on tv though...

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Andrew said...

I like how some models walk where each step is forceful, strong, and sets the beat rather than just follows it.

Too bad you missed it! It looks like an amazing production.