Aug 13, 2009

Hair Stylist . Staci Child

Skinny Intern interviews hair stylist Staci Child
I was lucky enough back in February to see this women work her magic on a shoot she was doing with photographer Nicholas Routzen in his huge apartment/studio in Brooklyn. Staci is not your regular industry girl, there is a sense of realness about her and I noticed this first thing upon meeting her. Ever since then I had been wanting to get an interview with her and Get the Skinny on what Staci Child is really all about! How did it all begin?

Your full name?
Staci Child
Do you have any kind of rituals before a shoot.
to make sure Im out of bed on time
How did it all start?
well i always wanted to do hair, I used to cut my friends when I was 13 and spend my lunch breaks braiding them all, then I left school as soon as I was legal, and got a job in one of the best salons, and they took me on a photoshoot, and I was hooked
Favorite quote?
"show me the money" haha Im watching jerry Maguire right now
but the real one is
"To the world you might be one person,
But to one person you just might be the world".

When did you get your first tattoo?
I was 22, it was the chanel logo on my left arm, which is now a black heart , I just got 2 new ones on friday... and I love them
Guiltiest pleasure?
Tattoo's and sunglasses
What has been your favorite shoot thus far in your career?
I usually enjoy most of my shoots, but my favorite to date is probably shot the head 4 guys from the hells angels, for New York magazine, was the first time they had been shot since Irving Penn shot them in 1967
Whats your obsession?
right now Im starting a line of hair accessories called "Love Staci"
What does sexy mean to you?
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