Aug 14, 2009


Meet the newest winner of the V Magazine/FORD Model Search LEA GROESLAND Photographed by Hasse Nielsen, Lea wears a jumpsuit by Alexander Wang.

Over 6,000 contestants entered this year’s V A MODEL search with V Magazine & Ford Models but it’s winner Lea Groesland, with her regal face, piercing blue eyes and newly minted Ford contract, who emerges as fashion’s next star.  Lea is 15-years-old and is from Oslo, Norway.  Lea will be going on her first go-sees for the upcoming NY Fashion Week – watch out for her on the catwalks of some high profile shows come September!

 Advance photo/story from V Magazine issue #61 which hits newsstands on September 1, 2009.


Jillian said...

her bone structure is fantastic in that photo! she's so lovely!

Nick Leonard said...

Great look!

Lilee said...

ahh she's gorgeous!

AX80 said...

She needs to work on her walk but after she perfects it, she will be a big thing in the fashion indsutry. She is so sleek. You should check out her last tests.