Aug 1, 2009

Meet me at the Zoo.

Full name:  Zoey Lou Grossman
What gets you pumped up for a shoot: 
a beautiful model, beautiful clothes, and meditation.
Guiltiest pleasure:  
None of my pleasures are guilty ;)  but if I had to pick a few, they would be cake and falling in love.
What has been your favorite shoot thus far in your career? 
I haven’t had one yet 
whats your obsession:  
Photography, hands, skin, lips, cleaning my room.
what does sexy mean to you:  
Not being afraid to show your emotions, no matter how vulnerable you may feel.  Owning your own power.
Bad habit: 
 My over analyzation of life 
Have you ever been star struck?  
Not star struck per say, but I get nervous around really creative people whom I admire
Who’s your inspiration? 

Photographer . Zoey Grossman


Kyrie said...

Zoey and I have quite a bit in common it's a little uncanny. As I was reading I felt like i was answering myself. i love this photo shoot pictured as well. I want to do one like this so bad.

I V Y said...

lovein the blog. so following.

snoblak said...

aaw..i love the photo with the baby goat ^_^ amazing photos.

LAYNE said...

I love this editorial. such a great choice.