Feb 5, 2010

Hang me up to dry.

(Fall 2009)

Shooting for Urban Outfitters. YAY!
I get to ride a really sweet bike all day and look like a cool kid.

P.s. I cant stop watching the Rodarte Spring 2010 show. Seriously it's amazing. I've seen it a million times, I dont know why I keep going back to it. Just getting ready to see what they do for Fall 2010. *Bites Lip* Really good music and amazing clothes... I'm hooked.
Those girls should really be applauded for their designs and originality. I can totally see the inspiration that they pulled from the old horror films and the runway was perfect. Kate and Laura = Love. Feeding my dark side.

What else is going on this weekend... hmm...
MODEL MOVIE NIGHT... perhaps? Hosted by Moi!

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