Feb 14, 2010

Pay attention.

I love this new magazine!
Glossy Magazine released their fifth issue this month and it's chock full of fresh fashion ideas for spring and packed with some really creative talent. The Magazine even takes notice to some talented artist here in Miami by featuring new work from photographers Heather Talbert and Lucie Hugary. Glossy goes above and beyond to find new talent wether it be bloggers,photographers,fashionistas, and/or writers. Unlike other magazines who feature the same photographers every issue, it's a breath of fresh air to finally to see a magazine showcase emerging artist.
I am excited to see more from this magazine, it is one of my favorite online magazines to read right now.
Go buy the latest issue of Glossy here!



KathleenShimp said...

That would be "chock full", as in "Chock full o nuts" coffee. No idea why, but it is.

Skinnyintern said...

OH wow... haha thaaaank you for the correction. :)

silk+honey said...

love the cover! the liner on the eyelid is BRILLIANT!!


Arushi Khosla said...

Yay, I contributed the A Wang article to this one!