Jul 1, 2012

Making Waves

Embrace the summer heat with tan skin, beachy hair, and a fresh, glowing face.
Tan Towel: An easy-to-use self-tanning towelette for face and body.*I exfoliated by entire body with an exfoliating sponge and body wash. I rubbed finely ground raw sugar to exfoliate my face. Alterna Ocean Waves: A lightweight, texturizing spray to give you that effortless "just back from the beach" look. Spray on either wet or dry hair and shape with your fingers for a tousled look.*I pulled my hair up in a loose, messy bun and secured it with bobby pins since it's short. The Naked Truth Kit by OleHenriksen: A two-piece skincare set (serum and facial moisturizer) that produces a smooth skintone and hydrates for a more even complexion.*I applied the serum first and then the moisturizer BEFORE the Tan Towel. Because baby, it's hot outside!

Holly Gowers

P.s. You can buy all three at Sephora. Ulta only carries Tan towel & Alterna ocean waves. 

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