Sep 14, 2009

I'm one lucky girl

Fashion week is over for me but you guys still have time to make it to some shows if your in NY. Even if you don't have a ticket I highly suggest for you to stand outside the tents. Whether you get to be inside or outside, if you love fashion its just an amazing place to be.  Plus when your outside the tents you never know who your going to see or what will happen! You never know maybe Kelly Cutrone will come out and give you tickets to see one of the shows she is running.

As for me I just got to Miami, will be back in NY again very soon. I will post all my new stuff tomorrow so stay tuned!

I met so many wonderful people and I cant wait to go back. 


Jillian Hobbs said...

cannot wait to hear!

Alberto Orsini said...

dude! let me know when you're going back. i wanna come with :)