Sep 24, 2009

The new CW show The Beautiful Life

Its a great comedy! 

I watched it and honestly I am embarassed for the writers of this show. Although I tuned in to watch it because I love Mischa Barton, it was a horrible dissapointment. The fact that this show thinks that it is a true representation of the indusrty is somewhat humorous. The first episode covered every bad cliche about the modeling industry from sleeping to the top, to drug dealing, and viscous mean models all within the first half of the show. All the male models walked around with their shirts off and this was obviously done so that we could tell the difference from a bad actor and a bad actor playing the part of model. Oh and I laughed through out the entire begining when they were doing the fashion show it was so cheesy!

Dont waste your time but if you've seen the show leave me some comments 

and let me know what you think about it. 

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