Sep 11, 2009

"your arrival was flawless"

So tonight was the big night, Fashions Night out in NYC. Although I was really excited for all of the fun activities that were taking place and trying to be in too many places at once, I really didnt get a chance to enjoy it. This was mainly because I made the poor choice of having Bergdorf Goodman as my first priority. I went there and It was crazy packed. Of coarse I expected it to be kind of chaotic and crazy but the store was so full of people that they were telling us to leave and it had only just started. No sign of Alexander wang anywhere at all and the event on the 7th floor of the store was supposed to be a party with the Olsen twins bar-tending... Well there was a long line to get in to see the Olsen twins and we couldn't get in at all. Too many people pushing and shoving and the security guard was telling everyone the event was canceled. Do to this I was very disappointed that I had wasted so much time at that particular store. but I love NYC!


Skinny Intern


Nick Leonard said...

I can feel your frustration, but glad you still had somewhat of a fun night. I love the shirt.

Q. said...

Hey! We met in line for mk&a. We never got in... They pulled the whole "the event is canceled" thing again. We made the mistake last night to start out at Bergdorf's too. By the end of the night we had made it downtown and realized we should have just been there the whole night! Oh well! Next time, right?

Nice meeting you!