Sep 15, 2009

Outside the Tents

Standing in the rain outside the tents was in fact really fun. Although I didn’t have an invite for any of the shows that day I still wanted to stand outside the tents and be apart of all the excitement. Everyone was dressed so wonderful; the words “oh I love that!” came out of my mouth a million times. I wanted to see the celebrities’ come and go so my friend and I stood around the backstage entrance. This is where the magic happened. Lots of paparazzi and media asking me about my blog and I got so much video of the models and celebrities such as: Tori Spelling, Kelly Rowland, Angela Simmons, Kristen Johnston… etc.

When I saw Kelly Cutrone come strolling out of the tents my jaw dropped. I love her and I cant wait to see her knew show Kell on Earth which will be shown on Bravo. They were actually filming the show that day and she came over to some of the people beside me and gave them tickets to get inside the tents. I was bummed that I didn’t get one until I made friends with all of them and we as a group joined together and got in! The security guards were giving us a hard time and saying that our tickets weren’t valid but we finally made it in. I was so happy. It was my first time at fashion week and I couldn’t believe I got in. Then we got in line to see the Vivienne Tam show. Not only did I get to see the show but I got a seat! I took a lot more video than I did pictures and I hope to put them up soon.


Jillian Hobbs said...


<3 So amazing!

Anonymous said...

I love fashion week its like fresh air lol

check out my blog

Christy H said...
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Christy H said...

omg...luv your blog! so pro! check out mine for other pics and vids while i'm still jetting around! AND say hello! it was great meeting u guys and glad to have obama bobblehead distracted the security guards to sneak u in! hahaha obama bobblehead posse in full effect!!! <3<3