Nov 22, 2009

Jamie Nelson . interview

Your full name?
Jamie Nelson
What gets you ready for a shoot?
I usually collaborate with every member of the team until we all have a strong vision.
How did it all start?
I took an art class during my senior year of high school and fell in love.
Favorite quote
"You keep thinking of great ideas and I'll keep doing them before you." Luke Trumble
Any tattoos?
Guiltiest pleasure?
I like the smell of B.O.
What has been your favorite shoot thus far in your career?
It's hard to say. I like them all for different reasons. One of my favorites is a shoot that was made to emulate paintings.
What's your obsession?
Biggest pet peeve?
People that don't know how to walk in NY.
How much do you spend on magazines monthly?
Zero. They get sent to me when I'm published in them.
What does sexy mean to you?
The juxtaposition of confidence and humor.
Name some of the people that you feel it has been a true pleasure to work with.
Lottie Stannard, Danielle Von Braun, Gillian Kuhlmann
Bad habbit?
Eating cookies and ice cream until I'm sick.
Have you ever been star struck?
Who's your inspiration?
The people on my team.
Have you ever been in love?
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SomedayNewYorker said...

Those sunglasses are incredible.

Stefani Ania said...

she is one of my heroes.