Nov 19, 2009

Self-Service... isn't that masturbation...?

With my laptop in front of me, ready to work and blog, the words just weren’t coming to me.  While feeling completely uninspired I gave into temptation and decided to drive over to the Barnes and Noble bookstore near my apartment to get Starbucks. One Venti soy white mocha please! With an extra shot, it’s going to be a long night. With my coffee in hand I felt a little better but I was still feeling down. Before I could leave I had to make my rounds over to the magazines. I was very disappointed when I took a quick glance and all I could see was the usual, nothing of interest. Until, as if the skies had parted, I noticed a very large book sitting up high on the shelf, covered by several other magazines. In Perfect condition was the one and only Fall/Winter Self Service magazine of 2009. I squealed. Once I gained composure I grabbed the magazine and headed straight to the check out line. I had such a big smile on my face while standing in line. I looked as if I was little girl on Christmas morning receiving a “My Size Barbie” or as if I just stepped into my very first pair of Manolo Blahniks. Just the inspiration I needed.

Now Im off to do some reading, it’s a really big magazine. Good thing I got that Venti! 

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Unknown said...

Even better than Highlights :)