Nov 14, 2009

First we had heard of rumors and then it was all in the news, the Jimmy Choo and H&M collaboration is finally here.  Affordable Jimmy Choo footwear and apparel can now be found at the all mighty H&M. The line is genius and almost to good to be true. I woke up this morning to E! News and they were talking about the line and showing several different pieces from the collection. I wanted to jump out of bed right then and head straight to H&M! Instead I am here in Miami, where unfortunately there isn't an H&M, and I am writing this blog and looking at pictures of all the pieces that I want. 

Considering the fact that today is the day that the line officially dropped, I imagine that the stores will be packed with fashionistas of all kinds. Can you imagine the Bryant Park location, it must be out of control. 

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