Apr 20, 2010

Blog Love

Fashion Does it Better did a post about skinny intern and photographer, Julius Gregorio.>_<

"It's quite a double if not triple opportunity. First discovering a photographer's work we weren't familiar with yet then falling in love with another of these inspirational webpages we're so fond of. We said a few days ago how much we love these blogs or sites that rely more on their writer's inspiration than on any kind of obvious must-have information already spread everywhere around... No latest trend, no overhyped topics. It's pretty refreshing to see some mainstream bits can coexist with oldschool stuff and precious pearls you might only get once you went out of the beaten tracks. Current covers meet young photographer's recent works and interesting interviews -- including two that caught our attention: Anouk Morgan and Jessie Craig, check out the Skinny Interviews part for more."


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