Oct 6, 2009

Alexander McQueen Spring 2010 Fashion show.

"Fantasy and legend" of Plato's Atlantis."

The runway made It look as if they were on a space ship and the models were warriors or creatures from another planet. Lots of alien like references that reminded me of dare I say it, the movie Alien Vs. predator.(sorry guys hope I dont get my head chewed off for that one) I loved the shoes they were larger than life and the clothes had so many different patterns and colors on them it was amazing. Although the dresses were very structured they still had some movement and flow. The clothes kept their femininity while still coming off as powerful.  It must have taken some bit of practice to walk in those shoes, they were massive yet beautiful. This by far is my most favorite collection of spring 2010. It was so strong and beautiful. Alexander McQueen you are a genius!

I tried my best to get a good screen capture.


Anonymous said...

Hey skinny intern,
avid reader here. Just wanted to let you know you are great love your look and love your blog. One day we will shoot vogue Paris covers together ;)

Michael said...

I looove those heels. McQueen is just a brilliant man. I really like that show, it was very intriging and artistic = what fashion should be.

Peter Breese said...

Nice, looks like it was a great show.

Jillian Hobbs said...

I DIEEEEEED!!!!!!!!!

Oleksandra said...

Yeah at least Steven Maiden will not even dare to copy these shoes :) in fact, no one will copy his shoes, After that law suite, McQueen came up with such unique design, that if anyone doe try to take this design, it will be obvious that its just another cheap fake! Love u McQueen !!!!

Anonymous said...

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