Oct 8, 2009

Vintage. Where?!

What's a stylist to do when she needs a little inspiration...? Thrift store shopping. Thats right girls you know you've had to do it before too and some of you like me may even like going to thrift stores and looking for one of a kind vintage pieces. Although some of the clothes are hideous and outdated, if you take the time to rummage through all the bad stuff you can find some really fabulous things. Its all about the accessories you put them with and how creative you are.  
Come on not everything from the eighties is bad, shoulder pads are back! (right?)


casually overdressed said...

omg love it!!! xo

Unknown said...

I looove thiiis!! Thanks K!! Next weeks shoot is going to be GLAM! && yes, strong shoulders are SO back!! xxrr